Witty profiles for dating sites

You are in complete control of how much or how little you wish to be seen. This one of the top complaints I hear from women when it comes to online dating.A poorly written profile looks like this: Why is this bad? While they are perfectly fine to have as interests, keep in mind women are going through dozens of matches to find someone who is right for them.How will she know that you are a more fun, in shape, beer liking guy than the next?

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I live in Colorado where hiking, skiing, and being outdoors is a common activity.

We employ a process that combines profile creation and Q&A to effectively cull forth our shining cosmos of wit.

You must process through a final Q&A quiz-like section before you can become a regular member of Love For Wits with all benefits and access to other members.

Third, on the back end, we actively monitor the site for inauthentic users (in case any slip through somehow) via profile verification and activity logs, and we allow all our members to easily and directly report suspicious types at any time.

Insincere users have a behavior pattern that's relatively easy to identify.

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