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Some online help sheets, for example, tells mums to wash their hands before feeding – implying we’re unclean and giving us an extra faff. But this can be a subtle way to undermine mums who may struggle to eat properly.The reality is that milk is formed from the fat you laid down in pregnancy, not the organic vegetables you ate from Waitrose that morning.

Except, that would discount the persuasive power of marketing.The global formula industry is worth around billion (£31 billion).Money spent on formula and related products brings vast profit in to supermarkets and other retailers.If you eat burgers and cream cakes every day, your breast milk is just fine.” There’s always controversy around breastfeeding and at no time more than National Breastfeeding Week.Like all parenting choices, perceived judgement is keenly felt, and the final refrain of debates is often “Everyone should be free to make their own choices.” But this can distract from a much-needed deeper analysis.

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