Sex chatting with aunts

Either way, this woman should know that she’s been exposed to chlamydia and ought to see a doctor.

He’s specifically told my husband not to go behind his back and tell her (my husband and the flame know each other from college). My husband has thought about splitting the difference by telling her she should talk to Philip but not why, but I’m worried that may cause even more trouble.

My issue now is that one aunt keeps asking nosy questions about whether Dad is dating again, and keeps bringing it up whenever I see her.

I know widowers supposedly move on quickly, but Dad doesn’t seem interested.

A: It’s sweet, if enormously misguided, that your mother is trying to be supportive of your bisexuality, but this is just nonsense and should be treated (gently! “Mom, I appreciate that you mean well, but my depression is unrelated to my sexuality and can’t be treated by getting a girlfriend.

Being bisexual isn’t like being a nun in the direction of a specific gender, and it doesn’t help me when I bring up my depression, and you reply, ‘Yeah, and you’ve never dated a woman, either.’ I’m not suppressed, I’m happily out; whether or not I date women in the future, I’m still going to struggle with the physical realities of depression, as I have for a number of years.” Feel free, of course, to share less about your depression with your mother if you think she’s likely to continue to trot forth a number of well-meaning and nonsensical theories; save those conversations for your doctor and your therapist. : My husband and I have a friend we’ll call “Philip” who recently found out he has contracted chlamydia.

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