Prostitute dating

i don't love them like i'm falling in love with this wonderful, remarkable, amazing man. I've asked him several times, if he's ever NOT okay with any aspect of my work to tell me right away what it is and why, and i'd be more than happy to make necessary adjustments to accomodate our relationship. just my case, the same as if i'd just gotten off work at any other job...

and with my boyfriend, it's so much more meaningful and intimate.

of course, he's fully aware of my work, and is supportive, because of the way we're both able to separate my work from personal. i treat this type of work as with any other job i've had. Also, and I'm well aware many MANY of you won't understand this...

i have set hours and days i work each week, take weekends off, vacation time, lol.. The way we view it, is, as with any other job, i punch in and out of work each day. I don't ever kiss my clients, cuddle with them, lay around watching movies with them, go out to dinner with them... but there's a certain intimacy of being with someone alone, and having it mean EVERYTHING.., and even while knowing they've been with someone else sexually, it was just that.

There is a very big difference between love and sex, and while sex does sometimes play a very important role in love, it is not quintessential.

While love can involve sex, sex does not equal love.

Currently I am dating a working woman myself here in New Zealand where prostitution has been decriminalized.

She does not have a drug habit, she has another job, successfully rents her own appartment and is a very goal orientated woman.

I have had to interact with quite a few prostitutes and to me, it is hard to imagine most of them in any type of normal relationship.

I also know, that I will not be doing this type of work forever.

Eventually the time will come that I'll stop, and he will still be by my side.

I personally know of 2 former prostitutes who gave up the profession and became happily married, monogamous wives.

They know of others as well as of some who with their husband's approval remained high society call girls. Just from reading some of the responses, it seemed to me that they were looking solely from the side of the person with the prostitute and not the prostitute herself/himself.

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