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Sometimes I get bad rashes and eczema and I was sitting there with my hoodie up to cover my face… So I left.’ Keisha’s four years since leaving the band have been filled with the gradual, tentative assembly of Mutya Keisha Siobhán, the news of their evolution artfully drip-fed via Twitter and Instagram by the girls themselves. Take your time and remember talent never dies.’ Would she let her daughter go into this business?

‘I think we’ve made a BANGER people #studio with @devhynes,’ Keisha tweeted when they’d finally finished the album.

’ and they steam into ‘Freak Like Me’, Siobhán now singing the Heidi Range lead part as she did at the well-reviewed Scala gig earlier this month.

Skirt, £420, Simone Rocha at Dover Street Market (020 7518 0680). The message is fairly clear: she has drive, belief and intense commitment — all of which might come in handy as she’s now sitting in a Camden rehearsal studio with two former sworn enemies, Siobhán Donaghy, 29, and Keisha Buchanan, 28.

Siobhán and Mutya were the prime movers in the peace process, but the key, still-smouldering bridge to repair was between Siobhán and Keisha. We were quite shocked to find we got on really well.’ When she’d been in the Sugababes, their chart rivals were Blue, Steps and S Club 7, and they were trying to make singles with ‘an edge like All Saints’.

The second Siobhán left she’d hurled herself into adult life, booking models for the Storm and Union agencies and taking charge of girls the same age as she’d been when she was in the band.

I’ve interviewed countless acts who claimed their relationship was as good as it ever was — Bananarama and the Backstreet Boys among them — but this is something else: a group that never got on in the first place who seem to have kissed and made up.

Sugababes was put together by All Saints manager Ron Tom in 1998; Mutya and Siobhán were joined by the former’s best friend Keisha, when all three of them were 13.

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