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this chat site is a fun way to chat to different people all over the world and even people that are near you! I have met alot of really fantastic people on here. My Favorite Room on Teen Chat is Teen Shack It is Tons Of Fun and there are soo many fun people from all around the world to Chat makes you smile and has a thrilling feeling with the people that u meet, so go ahead and chat for free. you meet so many interesting people and gain more and more friends, i love going to role play and watching and reading some of the Rp and some of them are amazing.. This Chat Site Is The Most Coolest Thing On the Internet!!I can understand wanting to get someone back after having broken up. In response to the conversation topic, I asked: "Why are people talking about penis?" The moderator -- Sally Stitches -- muted me for asking the question, but allowed others in the room to continue with the graphic conversation.Just recently, I happened to luck out & meet a really sweet guy in Singles chat.Well, one of my ex's (who is also in singles chat) got jealous and is now making up stories about my beau.There are two ways to specify genders on the chat room: 1-) You can take a look at icons which is located near of usernames on the chat panel.

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He's been doing all this in the hopes i will break up with my boyfriend & go back to him. Read Full Review I visited the General Chat Room and observed several people were discussing male genitalia.Moreover, when I asked a moderator why such conversation was permitted, she banned me from the chat room. Also when someone is blocked, by one user they should be blocked forever, not just that visit. Read Full Review Written on: 07/09/2017 I had the same problem as you.I visited the General Chat Room and noticed several people were discussing male genitalia. yes u will like it, think u have friends there..person doesn't like the way u look....say goodbye…He sent me a video request and I, being stupid, said "yes." I will not get into…Read Full Review I've been coming in this chat room for a few months.

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