Episcopal priests and dating

The Episcopal Church does not maintain central membership lists.

Information on families prominent in local church activities, parish registers, and church directories can best be found by contacting the parish directly.

Most of this documentation exists in the form of personnel files.

Alternately, you may want to consider making a donation to the parish for its time, as this may encourage a competent volunteer to offer up some time for the search.

Please bear in mind that the personnel files are largely administrative in nature; that is, they document the missionary's contact with the Church's offices in New York.

As a result, there may be reports on the missionary's work interfiled with requests for financial reimbursement, travel expenses, and other mundane exchanges.

If the missionary's personnel file is extensive, the researcher is encouraged to visit the Archives personally to examine the records.

In limited circumstances, we will review a smaller file and send copies of substantive letters.

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