Dating for sad lonely people

You can share a bed, eat at the same dinner table, watch the same TV, share the same checking account, and parent the same children—and still be alone. In many ways their story is typical of many others.

This couple enjoyed dating and were married in their early twenties.

Learn the art of healthy, transparent communication. So many marriages are ending due to isolation, but there is hope!

Attend a Weekend to Remember to learn how you can move from isolation to oneness and heal your marriage.

But at the weekend they recognized they had a problem.

Busyness and fatigue set in as they moved into the stream of everyday life. Both realized that life was smoother when they wore their masks, and they played the marriage game as if there wasn't anything wrong.

Like a terminal virus, isolation invades your marriage silently, slowly, and painlessly at first.

By the time you become aware of its insidious effects, it can be too late. " "Oh," our 10-year-old replied, "that's when somebody excludes you." Ashley's answer is a profound observation on human relationships.

Barbara and I feel its dividing tug in our relationship when we have disagreements and misunderstandings.

Our busyness repeatedly invites its presence into our marriage.

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