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I don't think you could ever find a better group of people that seem to work so well with each other. wife will be home soon any chance you can give her "Hey Erin" for me? I was just so bummed because I LOVED Steve's scripts and LOVED the idea of being on the show. You can start anywhere (so start season 4) which is not really a reason to watch but I substituted a reason for advice... We've even named our dog Carter after your character! Vinspresso - decaf coffee They like hurting either me or soemthing to do with me...Make her day :) Longtime fan, watch it with my wife, etc, etc, etc. Honestly, how awesome is it being the guy to have kissed both Salli Richardson and Erica Cerra? The UK version had less saturated and looked more real life. so my truck is a quick substitue for my character - which is sort of like Wile E Coyote I guess... but nothing going and I LOVED the timeline changes. up in the air, jack of all trades, your face or mine. I rarely like sci fi and really only decided to watch eureka because I couldn't think of anything else to watch. By the end of the first season I was a die hard fan.It turns out that a computer glitch forced the spaceship to jump back in time to the Cretaceous Period where Allison Blake is mostly eaten by a mentally challenged Astrodon who mistakes her for a delicious fern.The rest of the Astraeus mission is pulled forward in time to safety through a wormhole created by Wil Wheaton’s Dr. Carter is distressed about Allison’s death for an inappropriately short amount of time — up until the last ten minutes of season five’s first episode where gets schwasted on rum-spiked Vinspressos at Café Diem.For the next few episodes, Carter and Holly are inseparable — which angers one Douglas Fargo.Heartbroken and just plain mad, Fargo finally cracks.

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And I lost my virginity by sleeping with someone... There's a quantum, run-away, something-or-other. [hangs up phone] Sheriff Jack Carter: Somebody robbed a BANK! Q1: What is your favorite disaster/monster that you have battled on Eureka? No question since most have been asked and answered, just wanted to pop in and say I'm going to miss Sheriff Carter. Now that your run with them is coming to an end, what are your thoughts about the changes that seem to have taken place at Sy Fy over the last few years? There were massive changed internally at Syfy but I don't ahve any consistent perspective on them I know we got left alone more as the seasons went on (whch I liked) but I dont know if that was because we got our legs or some sort of policy shift. but it's always fun to do something new and I got to direct a movie because of it so I didn;t mind! That was the year that they were sexing everything up Coupling, Vegas, all sorts of racy shows. 2) Some of the lines and reactions are just laugh til you cry funny, is there a lot of improv or is it mostly just excellent scripts and delivery? It's a good gig :) 3)WAllace Shawn and Dave Foley (Will and Felicia aren't considered guests to me - they're family) Thank you for many years of entertaining television on a somewhat surprising channel. oh, I almost forgot to mention that I've been trying to get you on the Craig Ferguson show for years. On day 6 we do a table read at lunch for the next episode. Also I am a huge fan of the show and thanks for the entertainment over the years.Dre was cool but I was surprisingly anxious and, yeah, it was pretty weird. Of all the various actors and actresses to work with you on the show, who has to be your favorite?If you have to break it down into regulars and guest-stars, I understand.I am a bit saddened that its coming to an end but its been a fantastic run.I was wondering: it seems that with every episode having its "gadget of the week", there must be a warehouse full of odd props, never to be used again.

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